Paul Allen: Just my blog, I like disguising many different subjects.



If you’re like me you then you’ve an open mind, Allen likes many different websites and I believing being broad minded about the nature of subject which I speak about, for this reason, this site is not about no one topic, but a wide range of subjects will be written about, Books, Computers, Films Property and more, why restrict your thoughts?

Paul Allen will continue to reflect his ideas in life throughout the site and hopes it will encourage readers from all over the world to find his site and read some of the content, in addition to that he hopes it will bring faithful readers and not the fakers who seek to obtain a back link only.

Whichever part of the world you come from Allen Welcomes you to his site Moogle, and hopes your words can in someway contribute to help make this site moogle a good one. The topics of interest which is in our world is endless however as time goes by in life we all develop the ones which interest us the most, by wring about a variety of topics one hopes it will be able to reach even more people.

Whether its a book about William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens, or former UFC fighter Ken Shamrock, Allen chooses to write about, I choose the mood as it suites me. For example the TV series Miss Marple acted by Geraldine McEwan always brings the utmost pleasure to me to watch, I love the script and the beautiful English countryside displayed in each story in the series.

Allen gets deep into data recovery, or programming for Mircrosoft’s Bill Gates, or purchasing houses in the UK or around the world, or reading Enid Blyton BOOKS, or frequently shopping in Londons Oxford, Street it’s all happening here at Paul Allen’s blog moogle.

Let a new day begin!